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Great Stories

We are moved by a great story. Stories that start in a basement. Stories that take decades to write. Stories that move people. Every successful business has a story to tell. Where you are going. Where you have been.

Our passion is in helping our clients tell their story. Innisfree is a small-batch, hand-crafted Web Development firm, founded in 2001. A refreshing and necessary break from the same old, same old. We excel at simplying complex stories. Creating a lasting and compelling impression. Telling these stories beautifully and timelessly. Across all browers, platforms, and devices. Here are a few stories we've told.

We've told hundreds of beautiful stories over the past decade plus (most of which cannot be publicly displayed here due to contractual agreements). We'd love to tell yours.

Satisfied clients

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We love our clients. And they tend to love us back. Ask them! Contact me and I'll provide a list of references that will happily answer your questions regarding the sites, campaigns, and projects that we worked on with them.


We Build

Impactful web experiences that render beautifully on all browsers, platforms, and devices—expanding your reach to the gazillions of users who are consuming content on mobile devices.


Web browser, tablet, phone, 80-inch TV—your gorgeous website will render well across all of them.


We believe in the power of beauty in telling your important story for the world to hear.


A beautifully told story leaves an impression that remains with us for quite for some time.



A refreshing and necessary break from the same old, same old. From big-eyed start-ups to tried-and-true Fortune 100s, we've worked with all shapes and sizes. Straight-forward approach. Engaged honesty. Uncommon dedication. Superior results.

  • Matt Manieri
    Creative director

    Simplifying a complex story. Reducing it to its essence. Creating an emotive, compelling experience that moves users. You always work directly with Matt.

  • Ali Gavenda
    Project Manager

    Clients love, love, love working with Ali, as she guides them through our straight-froward, streamlined process, offering advice, guidance, and reassurance along the way.

  • Joe Padrino
    Business Developer

    Joe brings 2 decades of business development experience to your team. He is renowned for his ability to spot potential growth avenues and opportunities.

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.


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